Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

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Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield
1897 - W. G. R Sprague

In 1969 my friend John Hurt and I set up a "Keep Lyceum Live" campaign to prevent the theatre being demolished by the council after closure. The battle was joined by many others local theatre enthusiasts and star names in the profession, and a 17,000 petition handed in to the council. After many years of campaigning and meetings, charity concerts and press coverage, the theatre was saved at a Department of Environmental Enquiry in 1975, when the theatre was "listed". I was one of the speakers at the Enquiry. Thanks to the work of the Later Theatre Trust and a huge renovation, the theatre is now one of the jewels of the touring theatre circuit. Many people and organizations have claimed credit for saving the Lyceum, but in the face of much apathy our action in 1969 prevented the council secretly purchasing and demolishing the theatre, so that the Central Library could be extended.

Roger in the Lyceum Theatre