Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Dead Fish

Roger Bingham in Dead Fish

'Roger Bingham was Lear like as the father, both in rough glory and disgrace. This was delicate precise acting of the highest quality'
Hexham Courant

'Gordon Steel's domestic drama tells the story of Gill, a steelworker who gives his life to the works. This was a moving nuanced performance that never slipped into caricature. In Act 11, laid low by a stroke, he was entirely convincing: the commode sequence managed to be both touching and comic.'
Chelmsford Press

'Roger Bingham was outstanding. In the first Act Gill had traits of Jim Royle while in the second he became disabled in all but actuality'
Wiltshire Times

'The family is dominated by hard-working, hard-drinking patriarch Gill, played beautifully by Roger Bingham. The play is very effective in it's portrayal of a strong man destroyed little by little by illness.'
What's On North East

We watch as Gill, played with heart by Roger Bingham sees his life slowly slip away - or rather, has it wrested away from him by his years in the steel mill and the effect this has on his family.'
Yorkshire Post / Crucible Theatre