Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Frinton & Sheringham Summer Theatre (Ten Seasons)

Frank Foster in 'How The Other Half Loves'

Murder By Misadventure
"The arrival of the jovial shambolic police inspector, played to perfection by Roger Bingham still does not solve the mysteries for us."
- Gazzete

How The Other Half Loves
"Roger Bingham is lovely as kind, bumbling, businessman Frank Foster, his mixture of innocence and bewilderment is endearing.."

"Roger Bingham played the blundering boss who exasperated us all with his tedious forgetfullness. It was a wonderfully confident performance and showed him to be a master of the throwaway line."

A Nightingale Sang
"Grandfather Andie provides a lot of the comic relief in the play and Roger Bingham, returning to the summer theatre after a five-year break, provides a well balanced performance in the role - along with superb Geordie accent. "

A Shot In The Dark
"Boss man Lablanche was Roger Bingham, who is always imposing in the spotlight and here exudes sophistication and manipulation."

Wife Begins At Forty
"Roger Bingham brings great warmth, dignity and much hilarity to the role of Bernard The Dotty Grandad with his wartime reminiscences."

Run For Your Wife
"As the limp wristed neighbour with pink shirt and medallion Roger Bingham literally wrings out every ounce of humour in his madcap situations."

Dead Ringer
"Bluff and to the point, Roger Bingham's Foreign Secretary with an eye on the Chancellor's job is very convincing."

George And Margaret
"Forgetful and lovable, but extremely shrewd, Roger Bingham's Malclom Garth Bander is a delight"

Nobody's Perfect
"Roger Bingham delights the audience as Leonard's geriatric delinquent father Gus and his Tommy Cooper impressions are wonderful."

My Cousin Rachel
"Roger Bingham plays the simple but loyal servant Seecombe superbly."

"The play saw a good ending to the season for Theatre Favourites Roger Bingham and Barnaby Edwards. Edwards in the part of Howard, brought off the sleazy upper-class charectar that he plays so well. Bingham, as Sam, was on top humorous form as the Northern salt of the earth type."

Taking Steps
"However Roger Bingham stole the show as the Brummie Builder / Biker complete with "Saga Hells Angels T-Shirt."