Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

Morten Kiil in An Enemy of the People, Crucible Theatre 2010

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Julius Caesar (Tour)
"Roger Bingham's bluff, sarcastic and ultimately lethal Casca was particularly notable."
- The Stage

The Fancy Man (Tour)
"Doctor Peach (Roger Bingham) the ladies man, who also liked other sports, including cricket and football, injected much humour into this dark, interesting piece."

Guards Guards (Tour)
"The well-known characters from Discworld - Carrot, Colon and Nobbs, as played by Iain Sterland, Roger Bingham and David Brett, could have been lifted from the mind's eye as one reads the book. Superb casting, and brilliantly played.

Of all the characters, the actor playing Colon was a dead-ringer for the character I wrote."
- Terry Pratchett (Author)

The Candidate (Royal Exchange Theatre)
"The representatives of local interest-groups (radical shoemaker, market gardener, publican, retired soldier and unemployed man played respectively, by Gordon Winter, David Fredrickson, Roger Bingham, Roy Heather and Barrie Jaimeson) offer a group of intense visual images as colourful and individual as a series of Van Gogh portraits."
- The Times

The Fantasticks (Kings Head Theatre)
"Naturally the course of true love never runs smoothly and we have the Fathers to thank for that. Roger Bingham as Hucklebee and John Walters as Bellomy come across as a pair of disarmingly mischievous Tweedle Dums / Dees, who in trying to bring their children together only drive them apart."
- Time Out

"The two fathers, Roger Bingham and John Walters, have entertaining over the garden wall banter along with three humorous musical numbers and the audience seemed delighted by their antics."
- Plays and Players

Noddy (National Tour/Lyric Hammersmith)
"The adults who nurture Noddy's development include the benevolent brownie Big Ears and the policeman Mr Plod, portrayed with a well measured degree of authority and amiability by Roger Bingham."
- The Stage

"David Wood highly praised for his adaptation of Roald Dahl's 'The Witches' here casts Roger Bingham as another delectably horrid old crone, a vicious grumbler with green hair and a huge nose. Elsewhere everyone's idea of Mr Plod."
- The Times

Toad of Toad Hall (Brewhouse Theatre, Taunton)

" Roger Bingham has just the right gravitas for the role of Badger, a charming and well meaning old codger. "

" A core of perfectly cast professionals plays the principals: Roger Bingham is a majestic Badger in a role which could all too easy become stuffy "

" Roger Bingham employed a fine voice to excellent effect as Badger, and really seemed to possess the 'majestic mind' of which the timid mole spoke so admiringly."

" There are some delightful vignettes which establish the character of the kind but irascible Badger (the commanding Roger Bingham) "
- The Stage

George's Marvellous Medicine (Gateway Theatre, Chester)

"Mum and Dad (Elizabeth Fost and Roger Bingham) make up for matters with all action performances."
- Daily Post

"On returning home George's father, played perfectly by Roger Bingham, is keen to use the medicine on his farm animals to see if it will have the same effect on them"
- Ellesmere Post Pioneer

"As George's Dad, Roger Bingham is hilarious in a wonderful, energetic and expressive performance and he injects the pace required to keep the action and the medicine bubbling."
- The Chronicle

John Walters, Jonathan Morris and Roger Bingham
The Fantasticks (1996), Kings Head, London